Spalding Bulbs. Free Lemon Tree with the promotional cpde JH

 Activate HERE the Spalding Bulbs promo code JH for a Free Lemon Tree with all orders 

Get a FREE lemon tree with every order from Spalding Bulbs. The lemon tree ‘Citrus Limon’ produces large quantities of delicious fruits. Easy to care for and will do well anywhere – indoors, on the patio, on the decking or in the garden. This superb tree is very robust, so you should be able to enjoy bumper harvests for many years to come. Height supplied 35-45 cm. CODE JH With this promotional code JH (end of validity: 13-05-2012)

Spalding Bulbs. Free Bird Clock with all orders 

Get a FREE bird clock with every order from Spalding Bulbs. This gorgeous bird clock hangs on a 360 degree axis with a timepiece on one side, showing the loveliest birds and on the other side a nostalgic garden thermometer. Be sure not to miss out on this gift, FREE when you place an order. CODE JK With this promotional code JK (end of validity: 13-05-2012)

For many years Spalding has been part of the largest mail order company for all garden-related products in Europe.

The Bakker company was founded by Piet Bakker in 1945 directly after the Second World War.
The bulb packets that were sent were eagerly welcomed by countries in a war-ravaged Europe.
Over the years Bakker evolved into a dynamic organisation with branches in over 20 countries and a total of around 700 employees.
This growth was accompanied by an expansion in the product range to include bulbs, plants, shrubs, roses and garden articles.

The company has always kept up to date with the latest trends and developments.
Nowadays over one hundred million catalogues are sent across Europe each year!

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