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PurelyGadgets Ltd began life as a Photography and SLR lens distributor in September 2002 and within 2 years expanded significantly to become the top supplier for several major brands in the UK including Canon, Fuji, Nikon,Panasonic, Sony, Samsung. We are a featured partner for Canon and Sony and have all the latest products from their Digital Camera and Digital Camcorder ranges. In July 2004, having laid sound foundations in supply chains and excellence in supplying niche products.

PurelyGadgets.co.uk was launched to provide the same exceptional services and prices to a wider base, currently exceeding 500,000 customers. We have also expanded our product portfolio to cover Action Cameras with brands like Replay XD, GoPro and Contour. Portable Media Players, such as Apple, Archos, Creative, Samsung; Home Audiobrands such like Sony and Tivoli; Computing hardware, components and tablets such as Asus, Apple, HyperDrive,Vaja Cases and Yamaha. We have one of the best Smartphone and Mobile ranges from Clear-Coat, HTC, iPhone,Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry. Then to round off our portfolio we bring you niche and unique gadgets and games that no-one else has and will bring a smile to kids of any age with brands such as Gunnar Optiks, Turtle Beach andSUCK UK.

We value integrity, honesty, value for money and quality of service. We respect our relationships with our customers and employees. We also take great pride in the high level of both our customer service and the product knowledge of our sales teams. At PurelyGadgets.co.uk, we have an expert team of product buyers who research hundreds of suppliers, negotiating the most advantageous terms.Any savings made this way we can be passed directly to our customers.

Our office is located in the up and coming area of Docklands in London, overlooking the Royal Victoria Dock. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch – our door is always open.

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