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Saltrock was born in the late eighties as a niche t-shirt brand, with two brothers printing surf inspired graphics from the back of a van. The look was so distinctive and original that the brothers soon gained a core following of south west surfers who became fiercely loyal to the brand. Tok tattoos started appearing in the line up, every van had a Saltrock hoody in the back and local boards wore a Saltrock sticker with pride. Saltrock and surfing had become synonymous.

Despite the surf community wanting to keep Saltrock sacred, the word spread and Saltrock soon became a well known brand of the area. The company expanded and moved into new premises in Braunton near Croyde, right in the heart of the North Devon surfing community. Continued success meant the brand was soon recognised nationally, and then internationally.

Today the Saltrock family is stronger then ever, sharing the surfing ideal with both the people from the surfing community and those outside with the same values and attitudes. We believe in satisfaction, in being all you can be, in passion, creativity and freedom and in blazing your own path despite what’s going on around.

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