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Kickers is a brand phenomenon; the only footwear brand to capture the aspirations of teens whilst maintaining a high degree of credibility with adults.

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From its inception in ‘70s, Kickers now spans men’s, women’s and children’s shoes. The product has evolved to incorporate a heritage collection, infused with the identity of classic Kickers, as well as a fashion-forward range.

The youth brand Kickers was created nearly 40 years ago. Originally conceived to be worn with jeans, Kickers shoes quickly became the wardrobe staple for an entire generation. At a time when manufacturers only offered traditional and conformist footwear, the multicoloured nubuck high shoes revolutionized the industry and became extremely popular: the Kickers ‘lifestyle’ concept was born. The Kickers brand continues to innovate today with a diverse range of new footwear models and collaborations with fresh design and music talents.

In 1970, Daniel Raufast discovered the poster for the musical ‘Hair’. Intrigued by all the barefooted youngsters wearing jeans, he developed a new shoe concept more compatible with the blue-jean generation. The designer Jacques Chevallereau then created the first ‘jean boot’. This new shoe was very different: the use of nubuck (softer than leather and available in numerous colours); shapes that looked more like short boots than regular shoes; tough crepe soles made with natural rubber (for increased suppleness), eyelets, contrast stitching, panels and appliqués all obviously referencing denim. The success was such that within just one season, Kickers production capacity soared from 300 to 12,000 pairs per month. In 1972, the Kickers brand obtained the exported goods’ ‘Oscar’ and confirmed its success two years later with sales in over 70 countries.

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